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Tema: parajumpers clothing
Invitado parajumpers clothing
on: November 18, 2013, 15:08

He turned the multifunctional pick back to my own, then ran forward, probably eager to have a look that what, I open the head headlight, learn his looks climbed the steep cliff, a hanging multifunctional pick, another of his roots forward, these things do not know how much growth years, feels it is a hard stone, abnormal, not like life. Above the lines are like animal scales, if looks almost certain, that is what the fossils.

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I wondered, " what, just the woman not to say go left? "

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The old itch past picked up the torch, another hand me that not only the monkey mask off, hand gun bullet is completely exhausted, he just wanted to be a pistol and smashed it, can be hands to the half, and some do not give up, plug it back to the belt, and then held the torch waving to below, want to use the flame the monkey back. The monkeys really have some fear, fire swept the place, all of them back to the torch, but still, they quickly pressed, do not give us a chance.

King boss took my way down, I judge this coffin was a person of high, now an account only found wrong, there is a depression, looks like is recessed into the copper tree, I a slide about three or four meters, then sat on what, pain I burst out teeth, while king boss is loose, seems to want to jump.

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I hear half believe and half doubt, thought here but tourist attractions, can have this before liberation. They want to kill time, also need to move in. I put the concerns and the old itch said, he listened to immediately scolded: " you … … You said you and your uncle ran across the arena, this … … The reason to do not understand, the tourists … … In the outside, can come to this is not the good stuff. Do you think we are, they call it a con within a con. "

I saw him to be, is to seek but fail to get, what he said is reasonable also, in this place, have to climb, at least two people, just below this, he should not dare to move me, or he may die than I was miserable, but this person is very cunning, not too believe.


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King boss like dead fish card for a long time, slip into the slot, in that moment, I was relieved, the heart that was blacked out, at this time, all of a sudden a fat hands stretched out from the crevices, grabbed my kicking his legs, so he go down to.

I listened to one, really can't see what's wrong with the bitch, hastened to ask him why. He looked down at me and said: " you don't know not to blame … … Blame you, i … … I was in prison, listen to the boss said. This mountain hill Sr., kept at the intersection of people means the road, see the water on the cheat. Look left … … The left side of the road, then past where there is the village, has been to the mountain … … The mountain. The … … That there must be a catch, would lie in wait, we set. "

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on: May 9, 2014, 09:04

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